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Product Name:
GSM Power Control Board
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SimPal-T3 is a remote control board, comes with one GSM module, two 16A latching relay. It can remotely control two lines on/off via GSM network. Allow you to control any electric appliances or control signals remotely over GSM network. The device support power lost/restore notification, one way wired sensor input, one way temperature sensor input. It can be working as GSM gate opener.

SimPal-T3 power controller.JPG

Main Features:


1. Working as GSM gate opener:  two lines gate opener signal control. Free calling to open the gate.  Can be set auto open the gate when wired sensor trigger.

2. Remote power control: can be use to control power output by calling, max allow 16A 3500W. Can be set auto turn on power when wired sensor trigger.

3. Thermostat control:  Make relay auto turn on/ off according to the temperature value, such as you set auto turn on the relay power when temperature reaches 27 degree.

4. Schedule control: Schedule to make the relay auto turn on/off according to your setting time.

5. Power failure alarm: when the power fail, it will send SMS to your mobile phone to notify you power lost.


Technical parameters:

Model:  SimPal-T3
GSM frequency:    850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Power input: 12V DC
Relay control:  SMS or calling to switch on/off
Relay type:  16A Latching relay 2pcs
Max loading: 16A 3500W
Data interface           GSM SIM 1.8V/3.0V socket;
Indicators           Power/Line1 output/Line2 output/GSM/Temp/Sensor
Temperature sensor:   DS18B20,  -30—100 degree.
Power board operating temperature:             -10~+50℃